IFBB Nordic Academy Personal Trainer Course (ONLINE) August 2024 Pre-sale

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Join the IFBB Nordic Academy and earn your IFBB Certified Personal Trainer credentials. Boost your credibility and unlock new career opportunities.

Our course offers evidence-based knowledge, instruction from international fitness legends, and comprehensive resources, including over 800 pages of course material and more than 60 live and pre-recorded lectures. This ensures a robust academic experience of approximately 135 hours (equivalent to 5 ECTS), designed to enlighten and inspire.

Become the Personal Trainer you always wished to have!

IFBB Nordic Academy's Personal Trainer Course

Registration Deadline: August 22nd Don't miss your chance to join the ranks of the elite in the fitness industry. Register now for the IFBB Nordic Academy's Personal Trainer Course and secure your spot in a program that defines excellence. This is your opportunity to gain a certification that enhances your credibility and sets you apart in the competitive world of fitness and bodybuilding.

Interactive Kick-Off Weekend: August 23-25th Dive into the heart of personal training with our Kick-Off Weekend, featuring live, interactive sessions with renowned experts. This immersive experience allows you to engage directly with leading figures in the field, ask critical questions, and participate in dynamic discussions, shaping your understanding and approach to personal training.

Comprehensive Learning Resources Gain unlimited access to our extensive library of pre-recorded lessons and a wealth of course materials spanning over 800 pages. Designed to cater to your learning pace and style, these resources ensure you can revisit lessons anytime, providing flexibility and depth to your study experience.

Ongoing Support and Learning The learning doesn't stop post-August 25th. Continue to engage with the course material, complete practical tasks at your own pace, and benefit from the ongoing support of our main instructor. Our interactive platform facilitates continuous learning and ensures you have the guidance needed to succeed.

Exams and Certification Demonstrate your mastery of personal training by completing the course exams within a year of registration. Achieve your IFBB Personal Trainer Certificate, which is a testament to your dedication, knowledge, and skills in fitness training. This certification marks the completion of your journey and heralds the beginning of a new chapter as a Certified  IFBB professional in the fitness industry.

Join us at the IFBB Nordic Academy and turn your passion for fitness into a rewarding career. Register now and take the first step towards becoming an IFBB Certified Personal Trainer.

Launch Your Fitness Career with IFBB Nordic Academy: Kick-Off Weekend Starting August 23rd

Why Choose the IFBB Nordic Academy?

Global Expertise at Your Fingertips: Engage with world-renowned fitness experts. Our academy is distinguished by its commitment to bringing you the best minds in fitness and bodybuilding.

Cutting-Edge Course Material: Unlock access to over 800 pages of premium IFBB Personal Trainer course content, meticulously designed to not just educate but transform you into a fitness authority.

Flexible E-Learning Platform: Adapt your learning to fit your life with our versatile e-learning platform. Accessible via both smartphone app and computer, your fitness education can now keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

Achieve Recognition: Upon course completion, you'll earn the prestigious IFBB Personal Trainer certificate and a membership of IFBB College, symbolizing your expertise and dedication to fitness excellence.

 The Time Is Now!

Don't miss your chance to dive deep into the world of fitness and bodybuilding with the IFBB Nordic Academy. Elevate your potential and join the elite ranks of top-tier personal trainers.

🌐 The learning platform opens on August 19th.

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Meet Our Esteemed International Lecturers for the Kick-Off Weekend

Dr. Guillermo Escalante, DSc, MBA, ATC, CSCS*D, FISSN

Dr. Escalante, the Assistant Dean and Professor of Kinesiology at California State University, San Bernardino, brings a wealth of knowledge in sports nutrition, exercise science, and sports medicine. With over 70 scholarly articles and 58 mainstream media publications, Dr. Escalante is a revered figure in the fitness community. He serves as an associate editor for the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and offers his expertise as a consultant in the health and fitness industry. His contributions to the National Academy of Sports Medicine as the lead subject matter expert in Physique and Bodybuilding Coaching underscore his pivotal role in shaping the future of fitness education.

Alan Aragon

Alan Aragon is a nutrition researcher and educator with over 30 years of success in the field. He is known as one of the most influential figures in the fitness industry’s movement towards evidence-based information. His notable clients include Stone Cold Steve Austin, Derek Fisher, and Pete Sampras. Alan’s work has been published in popular magazines, and the peer-reviewed scientific literature (list of publications here). He co-authored Nutrient Timing Revisited, the most-viewed article in the history of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN). He also is the lead author of the ISSN Position Stand on Diets & Body Composition. Alan is the Chief Science Officer of the Nutritional Coaching Institute, and the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Alan Aragon's Research Review (AARR), the original and longest-running research review publication in the fitness industry. Alan maintains a private practice designing programs for recreational & professional athletes — and of course regular people striving to be their best.

More Distinguished Speakers to Be Announced

Stay tuned as we reveal additional world-class experts who will be joining our kick-off weekend. Each lecturer is carefully selected to provide you with unparalleled insights into the latest trends and research in fitness and nutrition, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience that sets the foundation for your success as an IFBB Certified Personal Trainer.

Testimonials from Our Crew!

Dr. Mike Israetel

"My work with the IFBB Nordic Academy was a huge pleasure. Our collaboration was handled with the utmost professionalism, cementing the IFBB Nordic Academy as a serious, value-driven organization. The attendees of the seminar I helped conduct were incredibly involved and participated extensively. And I would too if I had the opportunity to interact with top experts through such an excellently arranged event. I give the IFBB Nordic Academy my full endorsement and recommendation. If you want to learn about applying science to bodybuilding and physique transformation, this is the place to be!"

James Krieger

The team at the IFBB Nordic Academy are amazing. They’ve put together a thorough course that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to educating fitness professionals. I’m proud to be a contributor to their program.